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Don’t know how true this is but someone at the Lightspeed booth said Josh Dallas has injured himself on set and won’t be at SDCC. I was looking into getting a photo with him. So he cancelled his Lightspeed appearance at least. Hope he’s okay.

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Sleepy Hollow set up in Petco Park area yesterday.

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I want this too from sideshow collectibles. #sdcc

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Darth Vader car at the Hasbro booth. I want it. #Sdcc

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The pin I got last night at the ABC booth. #sdcc Mr. Gold called me “lassie”. Lol

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Robert cancels on ComicCon.


My friend who is doing press at Comic Con was just told Bobby cancelled his press room appearance. He might to the panel but there are no guarantees.

Hope everything is ok with him and I do hope he still does the panel if all is well.

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Gotta peek inside the ABC castle and there is a Mr. Gold played by an actor in there. :)

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Waiting on the line for the ABC Castle. Looks like the pins for collecting are for the different shows. One pin each. I only saw them quickly though. #sdcc

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And now my pic of the @onceabc ad.

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Outside Syfy Ascension cafe. #sdcc

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Waiting at baggage claim. Sdcc and Legends welcome me.

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Comic-Con Bound…



I’m off to SDCC tomorrow. If anyone wants to follow me on twitter at the same user name - boushh2187 - since I might be updating there more often. Here’s to hoping there’s good wifi/data signal there…

Hope to see some of you Oncers, Dearies, and Rumbelle people out there, even though I think it’s going to be madness! 

HAVE FUN!!!! I’m so jealous! 

Thanks! I’m overwhelmed and I’m not even there yet! :)

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pamchenko-twist replied to your post “Comic-Con Bound…”

Have a great time!

Thanks! :) I need to finish packing and I don’t want to. I just want to sleep. LOL