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Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Robert Carlyle interacting with the crowd SDCC 2014 

When the cast was done with the autograph session they went to the top of the castle and Josh, Bobby, and Emilie watched and waved at us. Bobby even blew some kisses! :) You can see Josh taking the picture of Bobby that he posted on instagram. It looked to me like Bobby took video and Emilie took some pictures.  

Oh and OMG. To explain what happens at the end. This crowd was comprised of Once Upon a Time fans, people on the Walking Dead line, and people trying to walk through. It was nuts. So one guy next to me that was slowly trying to pass by shouted in a Scottish accent and pointed in awe: “That’s Robert Carlyle!” And looked around to see if everyone understood this. “He’s Scottish!” He looked so amazed. LOL. Then he said it again and I confirmed it for him. He tried calling out to Bobby, and I told him to yell his name. So he did, and Bobby waved at him at the end there. It was very cute. :)

Sorry the video is so shaky. It was just crazy. And someone bumped my arm and I lost my shot. I didn’t realize it for a long time. So sorry for the middle bit of just the fans and the wall. 

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Josh Dallas, Robert Carlyle, and Emilie de Ravin on top of the ABC Castle at SDCC 2014. Sorry for the shaky gifs and video, but if you’ve seen the photo Josh took of Bobby and the crowd, you’d know it was madness. I was so glad I decided to go to the back of the castle when they went inside.

Video link here.

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Robert Carlyle and EMilie de Ravin - San Diego 2014

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first still of elsa in once upon a time [x]

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Once Upon A Time cast at the Nintendo Lounge at SDCC 2014

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Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin - ComicCon 2014

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Oh that’s just me and Robert Carlyle, aka Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin. He’s got cool sunglasses. I was super excited.

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Emilie de Ravin & Robert Carlyle at SDCC 2014 (x)

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#that’s true love right there (x)

Love it. :)

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I’ve got about 900 photos from SDCC on my camera. Various fandoms and the con in general. Hopefully I got some good ones. I have some more on my phone and some short videos too. 

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Emilie & Bobby would also like some answers, because they have no idea why he did the thing.

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Robert and Emilie being adorable - Comic Con 2014