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OUAT cast (feat. Nina Dobrev) being adorable 

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Robert Carlyle attends ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” panel during Comic-Con International 2014

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Colin, Emilie & Josh play at Social PhotoBooth

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Many congratulations to the lovely Lana Parrilla and Fred DiBlasio who, as it is now confirmed, married before the start of season four’s filming!


Many congratulations to the lovely Lana Parrilla and Fred DiBlasio who, as it is now confirmed, married before the start of season four’s filming!

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OUAT Comic Con Master List, not sure if anyone done this?


Yeah, I’m just compiling the links in 1 posts, NONE of these vids are mines (I’m so far away from Comic Con, it isn’t even funny) but I thought it’ll be useful to compile the links to the vids here for reference:

  1. TV Line: OUAT Season 4 Preview
  2. OUAT Comic Con Panel: *COMPLETE - Best version IMO - Close Up* [WeLiveFilm version] [Flicks and the City version]
  1. Ginny’s “skype” vid
  2. Panel Sneak Peak - *SPOILER* Kitti Kiss: [Regina/Sidney clip] One Upon A Fan: [Anna/Elsa clip - without subs, with Spanish subs, with Portuguese subs, with French subs
  3. AfterBuzz TV: Interview [Lana Parrilla] [Jared Gilmore] [Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz] [Josh Dallas] [Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin] [Colin O’Donoghue - without subs, with Greek subs]
  4. Entertainment Weekly: Interview: Why Frozen is a great fit for OUAT [ft Colin, Lana, Josh, Emilie and Jared]
  5. Perez Hilton: OUAT cast reveals what they’d tell their characters to let (it) go [ft. Colin, Jared, Bobbie/Emilie]
  6. Perez Hilton: OUAT cast talks about Frozen taking over s4 [ft. Josh, Jared, Bobbie/Emilie, Adam/Eddie]
  7. Para Todos: [OUAT cast at red carpet] *full cast with JMo and Josh kissing Eddie* [Lana Parrilla] [Jennifer Morrison] [Colin O’Donoghue]
  8. TV Fanatic: Interview [Colin O’Donoghue] [Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin] [Josh Dallas] [Jared Gilmore] [Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz] *JOSH AND JARED SINGS!*
  9. HitFix: Interview [Two lies and a truth] *ft Bobbie/Emilie, Colin, Lana and A&E* [Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin] [Colin O’Donoghue] [Josh Dallas] [Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz] [Jared Gilmore]
  10. Access Hollywood: Interview [Colin O’Donoghue] [Lana Parrilla] [Jennifer Morrison] [Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin] [Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz]
  11. Digital Spy: OUAT stars talks about season 3, Frozen and romance [ft. Colin, A&E, Bobbie/Emilie]
  12. ShowbizJunkies Table Interview [Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue] [Jared Gilmore] [Lana Parrilla] [Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz]
  13. TV Equals/HappyCool Table Interview [Lana Parrilla - without subs; with Russian subs] [Josh Dallas] [Jared Gilmore] [Colin O’Donoghue and Jennifer Morrison] [Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin - without subs; with Russian subs] [Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz]
  14. Seat42F Table Interview [Josh Dallas] [Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue] [Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz] [Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin] [Lana Parrilla] [Jared Gilmore]
  15. RHeart Network Table Interview [Lana Parrilla] [Josh Dallas] [Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue] [Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin]
  16. KSiteTV Table Interview [Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue]
  17. Once Upon A Fan Table Interview [Jared Gilmore] [Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue]
  18. StarryMag Table Interview: [Lana Parrilla] [Josh Dallas]
  19. TV Guide Fan Favorites Panel [only Colin represented for OUAT]:
  1. The Nerd Machine: A Conversation with Badass Women [ft. JMo]
  2. OUAT cast autograph signing session [OUATabc: cast view] [OUATabc: fans view] [joann stratton version *close up*]
  3. OUAT cast leaving autograph signing session [denise mancha version - close up, a bit shaky] [heytherejenny version - less shaky]
  4. boushh2187: Josh, Bobbie and Emilie interacting with SDCC crowd
  5. PopCandiesTv: [Emilie, Lana and Fred enter EW Party] [Josh enter EW Party] [Lana and Fred leaving Playboy A&E party]
  6. Clevver Style: Best Comic Con Style (ft. JMo)
  7. *cosplay* Masquerade #16 - The Evil Queen [Nancy Fradette]
  8. Entertainment Weekly: The precise moment OUAT writers decides to do Frozen
  9. mariacattleya’s channel [Mr Gold’s pawnshop inside ABC’s magical castle] [Inside ABC’s Magical Castle (showing a singalong video - Galavant)]
  10. Elsa Wrap Goes Up for Once Upon A Time Frozen San Diego Comic-Con
  11. Off The Wall: Installation of Wall Signs including OUAT Frozen [Mobile Version]
  12. IGN: First Reaction to Frozen Footage [No actual footage shown, just reaction]
  13. IGN: OUAT Season 4 Promo [with french subs] [no new footage] 

And to all the original video posters:



Please let me know if there’s any clips I’m missing or if there’s a better quality video out there.. =)

**I’ll be editing this post every once in a while for new vids/better versions, so keep refreshing, i guess.. =D

**update (27th July): OH MY FREAKIN WORD, NEW INTERVIEWS (see: HappyCool)! cast signing autographs!


**update (28th July): WOW, I was out for the whole day and guess what? So many new vids exploded all over YouTube!

Many more table interviews (see: ShowbizJunkies and Seat42F) and WE NOW HAVE THE FULL OUAT PANEL vid (see: Hollywood Heidi) and FULL TV guide Fan Fav Panel (see: TB F S and That’s Normal) and a close up fan video on cast autograph signing session and a Evil Queen cosplay!


**update (29th July): Great day for Rumbelle fans! JOSH AND JARED SINGS! Just found the BEST footage of OUAT Panel (see: WeLiveFilm/Flicks and the City) [good for making gifs! *wink*], TV Fanatic interviews ft Josh (singing!), Colin, Bobbie/Emilie, Jared (singing!) and Adam/Eddie, Perez interview on what to let go ft Colin, Jared, Bobbie/Emilie, new table interviews (see: Rheart Network, seat42f and HitFix) ft Josh, Lana, JMo/Colin, Bobbie/Emilie and Jared, red carpet vid, vid of Lana/Fred leaving Playboy’s party and JMo featured in Best Comic Con Style (see: Clevver Style)!


**update (30th July): We finally have both sneak peek Season 4 clips shown at the panel (Regina/Sidney and Anna/Elsa), short Perez Hilton interview of OUAT cast about Frozen arc (ft Josh, Bobbie/Emilie, Jared and A&E), Access Hollywood interviews Colin and Lana, HitFix interviews on 2 lies and a truth and Colin, KSiteTV table interview for JMo/Colin, Once Upon A Fan’s table interviews (ft. Jared, JMo/Colin), 3 red carpet vids (ft Lana, JMo and Colin), Entertainment Weekly’s earlier interview, JMo Panel (Conversation with Badass Women) and vid of Emilie, Lana and Josh entering EW Party. Just the start of the day, so I anticipate many more to come! :D


**update (31st July): Sadly, i think we are seeing less videos now.. :( 3 new HitFix interviews were uploaded - Josh, Jared and A&E, Access Hollywood interview with JMo, Bobbie/Emilie and A&E, also there’s a Digital Spy interview with Colin, A&E and Bobbie/Emilie, StarryMag table interviews ft Lana and Josh, boushh2187 uploaded a video on Josh, Bobbie and Emilie interacting with the SDCC crowd and mariacattleya shared 2 videos on inside look of ABC’s magical castle and Mr Gold’s pawnshop (no cast here, but for us who didn’t get to go, it’s still good to be a part of it).. i’m still hoping there will be more interviews and other surprises being uploaded though..


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Once Upon a Time Cast Signing at SDCC 2014

Well it took 3 days, about 7 or 8 hours total, a trip through the ABC Castle 5 times, and 2 pin trades for me to finally get the bracelet for the autograph session. I know others probably had an easier time of it, but I didn’t want to give up all of Friday to maybe get an easier chance at getting it, because I wanted to see some panels. I also didn’t want to take the chance on them giving out bracelets at the panel. So I went through the collect all the pins route, and it paid off. :)

These are my (just OK) phone pics since it was way too crowded for me to deal with my camera.

It was madness, as you can see. Saturday was just super crowded anyway, and then add to that the very crowded Walking Dead booth line, the WB Arrow autographs, and ABC Once autographs going on at the same time, and it was just nuts.

I had absolutely no plan for this. After the big job of getting to this point, I just winged it… and probably was a goofball as a result. LOL. Oh well. That’s what you get for being on line way before dawn for 2 days in a row.

I got up to Jared first and I told him that I was so happy that he made it, and he replied, “Me too!” Little cutie. Then of course, I was distracted by talking to Jared and boom there was Bobby, and I don’t even know how I was able to speak at all. I told them (meaning Bobby and Emilie because I kind of ended up in between them really fast) that it was a saga to get the bracelet for the signing and that I was so happy that they made it… 

Then Emilie noticed my shirt (and I had totally forgotten about it in my excitement). I wore midstorm’s Mr. and Mrs. Gold shirt and Emilie was like, “Oh! Mr. and Mrs. Gold!” Then I moved my badge out of the way and said, “Oh yeah, check it out!”. Bobby looked up, and I’m not sure if he noticed it on his own or heard us talking about, but he pointed at it and said, “Hey, look at that! That’s great.” Then I had to move on. 

Then I got to Lana and I was so overwhelmed already that I launched into a goofy story about my brother always commenting on Regina scenes as he watches through the show that resulted in her telling me to thank him. I don’t even know why I was telling her this. I was just internally screaming OMFG it’s Lana and that’s just too much after not having recovered from Bobby and Emilie.

I congratulated Josh, who was all dapper in his suit, and told Jenn she was just stunning because she really was… Mentioned I saw her at NYCC too. They both thanked me. LOL. I’m sure I sounded like such a goofball. Really.

Then I got Adam to high five me because we’re both Yankee fans. I gotta say that Eddy has a fun energy about him. He noticed the shirt and pointed it out, “Hey look. Mr. and Mrs. Gold! Did Bobby see that?” I told him that Bobby had seen it and that he liked it. :) So good reactions on the shirt midstorm. :)

Photos on Flickr… Just these so far but more to come when I process the ones from my camera.

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Just wanted to send a warm welcome to my new followers! :)

Just FYI, for the Oncers. This is not a spoiler free blog for Once Upon a Time. I tag everything ouat spoilers, include episode titles when I can. Same goes for any other show or movie. I make sure I add the word spoilers. 

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My husband is playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2, and I’m sitting here trying not to giggle as I hear Bobby’s grunts and groans coming from the TV. My Rumbeller mind is going elsewhere. ;)

I just picture him in the recoding studio doing that…dear lord.

Oh, me too. My hubby and I were talking about that earlier, lol xD Though not quite in the way I was thinking of…..

OMFG what are you talking about?

Robert Carlyle voiced Dracula in the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. My husband is playing it right now, and every time he climbs, jumps, or fights, you can hear Dracula grunt, groan, or “umf” at the right points. Since it’s Bobby voicing him, when I’m not looking at the screen (and even when I am), it’s like I listening to Rumple making grunts, groans, heavy breathing, etc. As a Rumple/Robert Carlyle fangirl, it’s amazing. ^.^

LOL. I keep meaning to try this game out. I used to love the old Castlevania games back in the day. Of course, these new games and the old games probably aren’t very comparable. ;) Bobby’s voice is added incentive. :)

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all this crap about the age gap between Robert and emilie


Remind me when she replied me on twitter ..I think that clears up everything



As soon as I read your text, I knew which tweet you’d be referring too. Agreed!

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Oh God yes! But thankfully, Bobby and I are best friends on set so we are always together even if we don’t have scenes to film." "Bobby is amazing. I love him. I have some sort of chemistry that I don’t have with anyone else.

I just squealed when I read this, seriously……..

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It made me squee too. :) Especially seeing them during all this SDCC stuff, it’s pretty apparent, IMO. I kind of feel like they were having their own conversation without saying anything a lot of the time.

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once upon a time meme: eleven scenes [9/11]
     ↳ 3x06
"What is this? Amateur hour? Did you really believe that was Belle?”

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This made me laugh…I imagine Belle and Rumple having that type of connection that they mirror their movements…


This made me laugh…I imagine Belle and Rumple having that type of connection that they mirror their movements…

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Robert Carlyle & Emilie De Ravin Talk 'Once Upon A Time' Wedding